Pencil Lead

My debut novel, Pencil Lead, is a contemporary, coming-of-age story about expectations that don’t match real life.


Lyle McNorton is a young man with a strong sense of entitlement and a preoccupation with sex. After university, everything was supposed to fall into place. Instead, Lyle finds himself unemployed and living alone, writing in hidden places with the pencil he carries in his pocket, waiting for something to happen.

Yellow Pencil

When equally directionless ex-girlfriend, Holly, comes back into his life, they distract themselves by hiring a series of escorts. But what begins as a bit of fun doesn’t stay that way as Lyle discovers he can’t use fantasy to avoid reality.


Pencil Lead is available in paperback or eBook here, or as a signed paperback here.

Published in 2016 by 6-Sided Books.